news NEWS, 01 OCTOBER 2019

Kinto, A Fast And Easy Driving Solution For You Without The Hassle !

For you who are super busy, the importance of having your own vehicle has become a life choice that cannot be separated from daily activities.

KINTO from Toyota, offers a vehicle ownership system with a variety of selected cars in a fun and easy way. Allows you to choose the car that you like or want to drive freely.

KINTO ensures that you drive with maximum extra comfort.

  1. No need to worry about emergency situations on the road to regular routine service, we can handle everything. You just drive comfortably.
  2. Also enjoy the flexibility in using the car and the ease of unsubscribing without commitment.
  3. All-in-one Package. Monthly payments include insurance, service, tax and shipping directly to your home.
  4. As well as additional ease in choosing a Toyota car license plate.

Start your Membership now to get benefits including Maintenance Schedule, Travel Protection Assistant, Insurance and also Cancellation.

Special Promo in October - December

Enjoy the Toyota car line-up by changing other cars every week, for one month. Additional special discounts for using KINTO less than 30,000 km / 3 years.

The way is really easy, by clicking the following link: Join Kinto
For an explanation of Kinto please DOWNLOAD the E-Brochure file at the following link: Kinto E-Brochure