TAF Conducted Gita Kurban Program In People In Cilele Village, Karawang Selatan.

As a strategy for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility program ‘Public Contribution Road Map’ which mainly focus on environment, social and humanity development, education, and health.

In 2015, the Company conducted blood donation periodically convened at Head Office of the Company.

On 6 September 2015, the Company participated in the Financial Market at Pasar Tambah Rejo, Surabaya. The event was organized by the OJK as Financial Literacy to educate the people who come to the event. the Company uses this opportunity to teach visitors who come to the Company’s booth how to manage their financial wisely, among other to utilize credit facility offered by financial company to afford vehicle as needed.

Other CSR activities of the Company in 2015 were distribution of hewan kurban to the need to celebrate eid al-Adha, social service, and providing donations to orphans and special treatment person.

The Company allocates budget with total amount IDR368,600,000,00 (three hundred sixty eight million six hundred thousand rupiah) in the CSR implementation in 2015.