news NEWS, 02 DECEMBER 2016

Toyota Agya - Tailored For Local Road Conditions

The sporty-looking Agya is a collaboration project between TOYOTA, Astra International and Daihatsu. Being a Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), the Agya's environmentally friendly concept fits perfectly with Indonesia International Motor Show 2012's Eco-Mobility theme. It was designed to meet the demands of the local market for low-cost cars that could navigate the narrow, congested roads of Indonesian cities while lending its driver a sporty appearance. To help the driver combat  exhaustion during long travels, Agya comes with separate headrests.

While at a glance Toyota Agya bears a similar appearance to its sibling Daihatsu Ayla, the differences in exterior and interior design are apparent. Agya is equipped with a central door lock, power steering, SRS airbags and safety belts, has an engine capacity of 1000cc and is offered in three manual or automatic variants: TRD-S, G and F.