Dear Customer and Partners,

TAF is committed to establish a business environment with integrity and aims to become a trusted financing company in providing quality services. To maintain this commitment, we expect active participation from employees, customers, and business partners to report alleged violations of the law, fraud, violations of ethics and other forms of conflict of interest committed by TAF’s employees.

TAF will always process reports in accordance with terms and criteria applicable in TAF. To improve the follow-up process, reporter can provide personal information, such as name and phone number/e-mail that can be contacted. Anonymous report is also acceptable. TAF will guarantee the confidentiality of the reporter

Thank you for your trust and support.

Types of Actions That Can Be Reported

Abuse of power
All action that is not comply with job and responsibility
Act that violates work and business ethics and code of conduct
Blackmail to force someone to give up something with threat
Dishonest or deceitful conduct to obtain some unjust advantage
The act of giving with the intention to change the result of some decision
Misuse of company assets/using company assets beyond limit
Transactions that violate the provisions / come from suspicious sources of funds